Rat Trap PRO SuperCat

Species-appropriate rat disposal with no misses

The combination of a smart trigger mechanism and enormous force of impact are the key features of the Rat Trap PRO SuperCat. This system kills rats quickly, reliably, and in a species-appropriate manner.

The rodents are attracted by natural bait which contains neither poisons nor chemicals. This rat trap already complies with future EU standards and stands as a pioneer in humane pest control. 

Rats which have been killed can be disposed of easily with no contact required. To do this, simply lift the trap and press the flap at the back.


A rat trap with numerous advantages:

  • Patented, precise release mechanism
  • No misses
  • High force of impact
  • Eliminate rats quickly and in a species-appropriate manner
  • Free from poison and pesticides
  • Ready for use with bait right away
  • Replacement bait syringes are available

Easy to use


Step 1:

To activate the Rat Trap PRO SuperCat,
simply push the lever down and
remove the protective cap from the bait.


Step 2:

Rats rarely cross open spaces,
moving along walls instead.
Therefore, place the rat trap with the open side facing the wall.


Step 3:

Remove hygienically and without touching!
To enable the dead rat to be disposed of without touching it,
simply press the flap at the back.

The Rat Trap PRO SuperCat can then be used again right away.



Easy catch system - reliable and effective

The Rat Trap PRO SuperCat is the product of an extensive development and testing process and benefits from the feedback received on the previous model. Based on this data, a product was finally designed which sets new standards in terms of efficiency. 

Combining the "easy catch system" with the increased tension in the spring of the striking mechanism has enabled the Rat Trap PRO SuperCat to be more precise, more deadly and therefore more species-appropriate than previous rat traps.


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Simply with replacement baits