Ultrasonic Animal Repeller PRO

Repel animals with ultrasound and LED light in an species-appropriate way

SWISSINNO focuses on the protection of people and their living areas and makes sure that at the same time animals are treated in a species-appropriate way. Sustainability and the use of new technologies such as solar cells, ultrasound or LED light enable new innovations.

A frequent annoyance is uncontrolled animals trespassing on your property. Especially maddening are the small and large piles of excrement deposited by a neighbour's cat or dog. Keep unwanted animal visitors away from your property in a gentle way. The ultrasonic animal repeller PRO is effective against stray cats and dogs, martens, badgers, foxes, raccoons, weasels, polecats, rabbits, squirrels, bats, dormice, hedgehogs, wild boar, deer, herons and other birds, and to a lesser extent against rats and mice.

This animal-friendly method avoids laborious trapping and is permanently effective. Large areas can be secured easily and without complications. Drive away animals from the entrance area, yard, garden, balcony, terrace, pond, carport, car, or garbage cans. And all this is possible without batteries thanks its solar-powered operation.

When an animal enters the surveillance area of the motion sensor, the device emits ultrasonic sounds and flashes of light or, alternatively, a 5-second acoustic siren. The animals are startled by the audio-visual alarm and flee. No injuries or permanent damage are inflicted. The animals are merely driven out of the monitored area.

In acoustic mode using the 5-second siren, the Ultrasonic Animal Repeller PRO can also serve as a small mobile alarm system to warn off human intruders or it can be used as a  bird-scarer.

A large solar panel fast-charges the batteries (4 x rechargeable AA Mignon, not included) and ensures independent operation.


Powerful animal repeller

  • High ultrasonic output up to 96 dB @10cm distance - safe but effective.
  • Generates very loud, hostile ultrasonic sound, which is inaudible to humans, but which many animals find extremely distressing!
  • The flashing LED light and  the ultrasound alarm together form a powerful combination that frightens animals away.
  • Combination of LED light and ultrasound provides audio-visual stimulus.
  • Large range, up to 12 m radius at an angle of 120° provides up to 150 sqm coverage.
  • Solar-powered so needs no source of mains electricity.
  • Various mounting accessories for flexible installation.
  • Sustainable and effective approach
  • Natural, animal friendly and innocuous, uses no poisons.
  • Effective against many different animal species.
  • Works continuously 24 hours night and day.
  • Animal intruders are also detected in the dark.
  • In acoustic mode with the audible siren it can be a bird scarer or alternatively a mobile alarm system to warn off human intruders.
  • The sounds and flashes of light are completely harmless to humans and animals
  • Solid rainproof construction; can be used anywhere outdoors
  • Small and unobtrusive; ready to use immediately
  • No power consumption; very low operating costs; hardly any maintenance
  • The mobile solution, with ground spike or wall mounting



The ultrasound animal repeller PRO can be positioned appropriately 
using the versatile accessories.
Precise directional alignment enabled by swivel ball joint and
length-adjustable connection system




Practical, flexible application.Height-adjustable connection system for
installing on the ground and simple bracket for fixing to a wall.


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