Window Fly Trap

The revolutionary Fly Trap

This innovative fly trap has the following advantages:

  • It traps flies on its adhesive inner surfaces. Attracted to the sunlight outside, flies settle on window panes where they gravitate towards the corners, enter the traps, stick to the glue and die.
  • Tests show that within 48 hours of placing these window traps, virtually all the flies in a room will enter the traps and be caught.
  • Available: Set of 2 in plain white and Set of 4 in decorative coloured patterns.

Kill flies with effective glue trap

This fly trap has been designed for indoor use and is ideal for living rooms, as well as kitchens and bathrooms, and in fact any room in the house. As flies settle mainly on windows, the positioning of the fly trap is perfect for attracting and eliminating these insects as quickly as possible.

Flies stick to the glued inner surfaces of the window trap, which can be removed easily and disposed of as soon as it is full. One advantage over conventional fly traps lies in the design: the flies die and are retained inside our window trap and remain out of sight. 

Simple instructions

  1. Peel the protective paper from the adhesive pad on the back.
  2. Position the trap at the bottom left or right corner of the window pane as shown. Press firmly to attach the trap to the window.
  3. Remove the trap either after 60 days, or when the sticky surfaces inside the trap become completely covered with dead flies, whichever is the sooner.

Decorative, hygienic and clean

Many window fly traps are simple stickers, which are stuck directly onto window panes and leave large patches of ugly adhesive residue when they are removed. They are, moreover, extremely unhygienic. The SWISSINNO window trap kills flies efficiently inside the trap and can easily be removed and replaced.

Visually, our fly trap is decorative: it is designed with different coloured patterns and the dead flies are not visible. Because the flies die and are retained inside the trap, it is especially hygienic, ideal for kitchens, and it creates an impeccably clean impression. Fly infestation is reduced very quickly and may be completely eliminated within 48 hours, depending on its scale

How does the NATURAL CONTROL fly trap work?

The way the revolutionary NATURAL CONTROL window trap works is that most flying insects fly towards the sunlight shining through a window and are caught by the glue in the trap.

Where can the fly trap be use?

Attach the trap to the bottom left or right corner of a window pane. Traps are best placed where flies enter the house, such as near doors that open to the outside. Successful trapping depends on the insects flying towards the light, so attach traps to windows facing onto bright light.

Remove the trap either after 60 days, or when the sticky surfaces.

Are flies dangerous?

Flies can transmit many diseases including dyysentery, typhus, cholera, trachoma, anthrax. 

Adult flies transmit disease by contaminating food with pathogens they have picked up on their hairy legs or have ingested and then regurgitated.


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