Mosquito Stop Lantern

Long-lasting outdoor protection!

The SWISSINNO Lantern lantern for repelling mosquitoes offers you these advantages:

  • The lantern efficiently and completely repels mosquitoes and is Ideal for gardens, terraces, balconies and resaurants and also when barbecuing, fishing or camping. 
  • The active substance in the lantern is gradually vaporised into the air by the heat of a candle. The vapour is highly effective at repelling mosquitoes and one mat protects you for 4 hours over an area of 20 sqm.
  • The mat contains BITREX bittering agent to deter ingestion by children and animals.
  • A refill pack of mats and candles for 12 hours protection is available.

Reliable long-term effect and practical application

Mosquitoes don't just annoy us, they also aggravate us with stings and bites that can cause painful itching and swelling. To help overcome this problem SWISSINNO have developed the mosquito stop lantern, a product which repels mosquitoes and which very quickly keeps those annoying bloodsuckers at a safe distance.

The active substance to repel mosquitoes is contained in a strip, which is introduced into the upper part of the mosquito stop lantern and activated from below by the heat from a candle

Simple instructions

Important information about the lantern mosquito repeller:

  • IMPORTANT: Before use, read the printed instructions provided and retain them for future reference.
  • Keep away from children.
  • The active Ingredient is 500mg d-Allethrin (21.5% w/w). If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the packaging or label. 
  • For outdoor use only as protection against mosquitoes (Insecticide). Use biocides safely and only as directed.
  • Warning: Very toxic to aquatic life and has long lasting effects.

Optically attractive design is extremely decorative

The extremely attractive design of the mosquito stop lantern makes it popular as a decorative feature and so it fulfils two functions at the same time. As a mosquito repeller it reliably keeps about 20 sqm free from mosquitoes. If you want to keep a larger area mosquito-free, several lanterns can be used together

It is not possible to deal with mosquitoes using natural products, only biocides work satisfactorily. So it is important to dispose of used up strips of active ingredent appropriately and to ensure that they do not get into the hands of children or get eaten by pets.


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Refill - so easy!

12h refill packaging