Bird Repeller-Raven

Drive away birds with a decorative raven

The advantages of this repelling method are obvious:

  • Expedient deterrent for small birds such as pigeons, tits, blackbirds, etc.
  • Ideal for outdoor use: weatherproof and non-breakable.
  • Easy to use: simply hang or set up the bird repeller.
  • No refilling and no energy supply required.
  • Drive away birds without the use of toxins.
  • Decorative, thanks to its appealing appearance.

Natural way to drive away pigeons and other small birds

Both pigeons and other small birds have an innate escape mechanism when it comes to larger predators. The Raven bird repeller takes advantage of this characteristic and, due to its size, drives away birds quickly and safely.

The Raven achieves its greatest effect in doing so if it is hung so as to be freely swinging, since it is even more of a deterrent for small birds when in motion. What's more, for large areas outdoors, it is recommended to put several Raven bird repellers in place.

Nauseating and annoying pigeon excrement can not only damage the fabric of buildings, but can also be harmful to health. By setting up the Raven bird repeller, these birds can be driven away permanently and effectively.

Animal-friendly and sustainable to use

Since this method of dispersing birds makes use of neither poison nor other substances, one is saved the annoying task of having to refill anything, and its application is guaranteed to be animal- and environmentally friendly.Another very practical feature is that the Raven bird repeller does not require any power source, such as electricity, and can therefore be positioned as custom-needed and flexibly.

High quality workmanship and the use of shatter-proof and weatherproof materials allow it to be used in all areas. In addition, the Raven bird repeller is very easy to install and can be reused as often as required.

Suitable for repelling and protecting birds

SWISSINNO's bird-repelling Raven scares away small birds and can therefore also protect them against sources of danger. In most cases, the Raven is used to make birds avoid certain areas such as attics, balconies, gardens, crops, etc., but it can also be used to protect birds against dangers they cannot detect themselves.

The dummy raven should be repositioned regularly to prevent birds from becoming accustomed to it and thus ensure optimum effectiveness.


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