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Find out what rodent is causing problems,
and what signs to look for to prevent
further infestations.


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"We protect what you love", our company slogan sums up our mission succinctly. The focus of our work is the protection of you, your valuables, and your property from pests. Since 1999, throughout Europe, we have taken on the challenge of developing forward-thinking products that set new standards in pest control that work in harmony with nature. 
Our imagination becomes innovative products, innovative products that are tried and tested for decades in real-life scenarios to be the solution to your pest problems. Never straying from the goal of protecting and preserving your cherished valuables. 

We are proud to present to you our range of products with numerous classics and exciting innovations. Even though we have set the bar particularly high in the interest of our customers, you can be sure that we are already working with passion and sincere respect for nature on further solutions, always with the highest quality standards and the typical SWISSINNO signature. We will not only deliver on your needs; we stand for the latest generation pest control. 

Trust us: We protect what you love.

Innovative and sustainable Swiss quality design with respect for nature.