Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

Humane and safe ultrasonic animal repeller with solar panel

An overview of the product's features:

  • The SWISSINNO Ultrasonic Animal Repeller detects and repels catsdogssquirrelsmartens, rabbits, foxes, wild boar, deer and other nuisance animals in your garden. The ultrasound is inaudible to humans and causes no harm to the animals or to pets.
  • The Repeller has a range of 10m and its powerful ultrasonic wavescover an area of 100 sqm in a 120° arc.
  • Its solar panel powers up rechargeable batteries to enable continuous 24/7 use.
  • The ultrasound of the Repeller will not affect any electronic equipment, including pacemakers, garage door openers, remote control pads and such like.
  • Rechargeable AA batteries are required, but are not included.

Repel cats, dogs, rodents and martens

The versatility of the Ultrasonic Animal Repeller makes it the ideal general-purpose device to protect your property from nuisance animals. Use it to deter cats and dogs from digging up your garden and depositing their foul-smelling excreta. Use it to keep martens from occupying your roof space.

In so many ways the Repeller gives you reliable protection over a large area and using it is easy and effective. The Repeller's solar panel powers up rechargeable AA batteries during the hours of daylight with sufficient electrical energy to allow the it to keep on working through the hours of darkness and so facilitate non-stop 24/7 operation. Day and night, it detects and repels cats, dogs, squirrels, martens, rabbits, foxes, wild boar, deer and other nuisance animals over an area of 100 sqm.

The ultrasound is inaudible to humans and causes no harm to pets or to the animals. Unwelcome intruders are not injured; they just find the sound unbearable and they vacate the area to escape it.

Derived only from the energy of the sun, the power supply is autonomous and this is a huge practical benefit as the siting of the Repeller is not dependent on connecting it to an external source of electrical power


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