Bird Spikes

Permanent - Maintenance-free - Invisible

Advantages of the bird spikes:

  • Can be used wherever birds land or settle - ledges, sills, cornices, signs, beams, roof perimeters, gutters, pipes, steeples, lighting, air conditioners, etc.
  • Made of solid UV- and weather-proof polycarbonate, strong, rigid and long-lasting.
  • Inconspicuous - spikes are clear transparent making them almost invisible.
  • Ready to use straight from the pack: no assembly required.
  • A professional, permanent pigeon and bird repellent.
  • Supplied in 333 mm strips - can be snapped into shorter lengths for smaller spaces.
  • Simple to fi x using outdoor grade adhesive - 300 cm Packincludes a tube of premium quality silicone adhesive.

Easy installation and ready to use

The SWISSINNO pigeon defence spikes are easy to assemble and ready for immediate use in order to expel annoying birds and pigeons.

 Pigeons especially like to nest on windowsills, balconies, roof-tops, etc. and dirty the entire floor below in a very short time. Pigeon droppings are extremely harmful and stubborn to remove, so it is useful to use pigeon spikes as a preventive measure.

Simple instructions

  1. The strips can be snapped into shorter lengths to fit smaller spaces.
  2. Squeeze the glue out onto the underside of the base in a continuous ribbon 1 cm thick. Make sure that the whole length of the strip is covered.
  3. Position the strip exactly where it is to be fixed and press firmly down along its whole length until glue oozes out from its edges, ends and through the small holes in the base. The glue protruding through these holes solidifies to form 'rivets' that help lock the strip down securely.

Pigeon spikes prevent the birds from settling down

Our pigeon spikes are, of course, perfectly safe for animals and do not hurt the birds, but they scare them off by preventing them from settling. The robust construction and the weather-resistant material guarantee effective long-term protection.

The transparent look means the pigeon defence spikes are very inconspicuous and are not disturbing visually, e.g. on the facade or on a balcony. Nevertheless, they are an annoying deterrent for birds like pigeons.

The SWISSINNO pigeon defence spikes are popular world-wide because they are a reliable product, which is well-thought-out and absolutely functional.


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