Insect Mini Glue Catcher 4 Watt LED

Catches mosquitoes and flies hygienically and biologically

When catching annoying flies and mosquitoes poisonous baits and sticky fingers from sticky paper are things of the past. SWISSINNO sets new standards in insect extermination. An example is the insect mini glue catcher, which is extremely efficient and absolutely safe for children, pets and beneficial insects such as bees.

Ideal for protecting your home!
The innovative functionality is based on high-quality Swiss design, non-toxic glue paper and an effective LED UV light, which reliably attracts flying insects onto the glue paper where they get stuck and die. To change the glue paper and to clean the trap, simply open the trap without touching the adhesive surface. In this way your hands do not get sticky and the trap is kept clean and hygienic.

Advantages of the insect mini glue catcher:

  •  4 watt LED UV light for irresistible attraction
  •  No poison or other toxic chemicals
  •  Safe to touch, biological and hygienic
  •  Perfect for indoor use
  •  High-quality design with reliable components
  •  Easy to replace glue paper

Easy and quick to use:

  1. Remove the protective paper from the adhesive surface of a glue paper.
  2. Open the upper slot of the catcher and insert the glue paper.
  3. Making sure that the glue paper slot is at the top end, plug the catcher into a mains electric power source.
  4. You should change the glue paper as soon as the layer of glue is covered with insects in order to maintain the optimal efficiency of the device.


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A pack of 10 replacement glue papers is available to help you maintain continuous operation.