Clothes Moth Trap

The practical solution!

  • Provides early detection of clothes moth infestations.
  • The sexually alluring pheromones attract male moths into the traps where they stick to the adhesive surfaces.
  • Moths can enter from all four sides.
  • Ready for use straight from the pack: no assembly required.
  • Compact and space-saving.
  • With self-adhesive fixing pads

Simple instructions

Remove the trap from the protective plastic. The odour-free pheromone is then released and attracts moths. Attach the trap horizontally, or using the glue strips on the back, to an upright surface, for example, in a wardrobe.

How does the NATURAL CONTROL clothes moth trap works?

The inside of the NATURAL CONTROL clothes moth trap is coated with a powerful glue and contains a sexually alluring pheromone that attracts male moths into the trap where they are caught by the adhesive, and die. This severely curtails the breeding opportunities of the moths, which then reduces the moth population. Even when moths are not obviously present, a trap will often catch a few moths, so giving an early warning of a new infestation by moths such as the Mediterranean flour moth, the Indian meal moth, the tobacco moth, and others.

How long does the bait last?

Once unpacked it will continue to attract moths for 8 weeks.

What to do if there is an unfestation?

In the event of an infestation, establish the number of all possible infestations. Then get any infested textiles (e.g. clothing, wool carpets, silk and furs) dry cleaned and vacuum their surrounding areas (e.g. cupboard, chest) thoroughly and wash these, if possible. Sensitive textiles can be packed into a plastic bag and left in the freezer for a week.


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