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    Die WELTNEUHEIT - Mausefalle PRO SuperCat

    Artgerechte und höchst effiziente Mäusebeseitigung ohne jegliche Fehlfänge!

    • Patentiertes "easy…

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    Köderspritze Supercat

    Die revolutionäre Methode, um die Köder sämtlicher SuperCat-Fallen ganz einfach zu ersetzen!


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SWISS INNO - " we protect what you love "


Swissinno – the name stands for functional Swiss design, high quality and top European products. At the heart of our work is the protection of people and their private spheres against pests and parasites. At the same time, we are carefully concerned to ensure ecological sustainability, environmental protection and the species-appropriate treatment of animals. Out of respect for nature.

Visionary thinking and innovative work processes are essential for the development of our products; this motivates us to continually reach new milestones. We set standards in pest control and play a leading role throughout Europe. This success is based on a corporate culture characterized by mutual appreciation, respect and fairness, both among our employees and with our suppliers, customers and end consumers.

We are actively shaping the future of natural pest control.

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Gabriel Le Laidier

CEO and Board Member

  • Tel: +41-(0)71-223 4018
  • E-Mail: lelaidier (@)
  • Areas of competence: R&D, Marketing, International Sales
  • Lic.oec.HSG of University St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italien


Beat Bouquet

Partner and Board Member

  • Tel: +41-(0)71-223 4016
  • E-Mail: bouquet (@)
  • Areas of competence: HR
  • Dipl. Ing. chem., BBA, MBA, GSBA/SUNY Zürich
  • Languages: German, English, French


Dennis Walstad

Partner and Board President

  • Tel: +41-(0)71-223 4016
  • E-Mail: walstad (@)
  • Areas of competence: research, development and production
  • Dipl. el. Ing. MIT
  • Languages: English

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