Solar Mole Repeller SuperCat

Drive moles and voles away

The SWISSINNO Solar Mole Repeller has important advantages: 

  • Every 40 seconds, it emits sound waves and vibrations, which drive off and keep off nuisance  rodent pests like moles and voles.
  • Covers an area of about 650 sqm.
  • Easy to set up in parks, golf courses, playing fields and sports grounds and is especially suitable for the protection of gardens and lawns.
  • The Repeller has a built-in solar panel that converts the sun's rays into electricity to  charge up the integral rechargeable battery.
  • When fully charged, the battery has enough energy to keep the Repeller working through the night and deliver 24-hour continuous protection.
  • Safe for your family, pets and the environment.
  • Waterproof,so can be left outside in rain and snow.

Effective radius of 650 m² - Perfect for the garden

Designed to protect your garden from nuisance rodent pests, the Mole Repeller is effective over an area of ​​650 sqm. It emits sound waves and underground vibrations that travel through the tunnel networks and drive moles and voles away.
It is highly effective and the animal- and environment-friendly humane alternative to lethal traps and poisons, but 100% success cannot be guaranteed as in some instances rodents become immune to the sound waves.

Simple application

  1. Dig a hole in the ground about the same diameter as the pointed tube part of the Repeller. Push the tube down into the hole. Do not use a hammer or excessive force as doing so may cause damage.
  2. Make sure that enough of the tube is left sticking above ground-level to prevent surface rain water from being able to run into the tube. 
  3. Connect the upper part of the Repeller to the tube with the electric connector supplied.
  4. Fix the upper part of the Repeller to the tube as shown.
  5. Site the Solar Rodent Repeller where its solar panel gets maximum exposure to sunlight so that the battery will be charged as fully as possible.

When first installed, the Repeller will need up to two days' exposure to sunlight to become fully effective.

Solar cells enable 24-hour operation

The Solar Mole Repeller is powered by a rechargeable battery which when fully charged ensures trouble-free, 24-hourcontinuous operation. When set up for the first time, the Repeller will need up to two days' exposure to sunlight to become fully effective. This autonomous power supply is a huge practical benefit as the siting of the Repeller in a garden or field is not dependent on any external source of power.

In ideal circumstances the Repeller is the easy and effective way to get rid of moles and voles and it can then obviate the use of lethal traps and poisons. Certain conditions, however, can influence its performence. The ground should be firm, solid soil to ensure optimal transmission of the sound waves and vibrations. Loose, sodden or frozen earth is less suitable. The Solar Mole Repeller can be ineffective on moles and voles with hearing loss or immunity to the sound.

The vibrations and sound waves emitted by the Solar Mole Repeller are, of course, completely harmless to humans, pets the environment


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