The guaranteed solution!

The SWISSINNO Catch Alive Mousetrap offers the following advantages:

  • 100% Effective: exclusive patented design prevents the trap from closing until the mouse has entered the trap.
  • Supplied complete with three bait capsules - the bait is a naturalnon-toxic product and is highly attractive to mice.
  • Simple press-button operation.
  • Hygienic, no-touch mouse release.
  • No springs or snap-shut jaws - safe for the elderly, children and pets.
  • Replacement baits available

Mousetrap for the species-appropriate catching of mice

The innovative Swissinno Catch Alive mousetrap catches mice alive without causing them harm and allows their release without you touching them. Insert a bait capsule and simply depress a button to set the trap (see "use" below). Check frequently to see if a mouse has been caught.

Catching mice alive has never been as easy and humane Catch Alive trap.  The functional design prevents the captured mouse from escaping. It is important, therefore, to set the mouse free as soon as possible so as not to cause it too much stress and so it is essential to check the trap often and at least every 4 hours. To avoid the mouse returning, release it more than 1km from where it was caught.

Simple instructions

  1. Remove the protective cover from a bait capsule. Slide the capsule fully into the slot at the end of the trap.
  2. There are two buttons on the top of the trap. To open the trap, press the long bar button. To close the trap, press the smaller button. Open the trap and place it parallel to and against a wall where you think that mice are active (mice rarely stray into open spaces). where you suspect there are mice. As mice seldom cross open spaces, position  the trap parallel to and against a wall
  3. To free a captured mouse, lay the trap on the ground and open it. The mouse will exit of its own accord, though this may take a  little time. To prevent the return of a mouse, release it at least 1 km (3/4 mile) from where it was caught.

To avoid causing distress to a captured mouse, check the trap at 2 to 3 hour intervals.IN E17 IT SAYS, EVERY 4 HOURS"" !!!!"

Natural bait for a natural catch method

The pure organic bait, which is used for in the Catch Alive trap  is a powerful attractant for mice and lures them into the trap. Our Catch Alive trap is designed so that the mouse is not harmed but still has no chance of escaping. In this way, a mouse can be easily caught and released far away so it is no longer a nuisance, without you having to touch it or come into contact with it.

The Catch Alive trap is ideal for people who want to get rid of their mice without harming them. The whole trap-and-release operation is performed without the user getting close to the mouse: the captured mouse is encased in a secure container and released by means of a remote button.

How does the Catch Alive Mouse Trap bait work?

The bait is made of a long lasting natural material substance which rodents mice find irresistible. There are no poisons in the bait.

How long does the bait last?

The bait will last from between a few weeks to a couple of years. It will tend to disappear due to the action of insects or weather if left outside, . however the odor The odour will remain, however, and it is possible to catch rodents mice even if very little of the bait appears to be left.

Where shall I put the trap?

Open the trap and place it where you suspect there are mice. As mice seldom cross open spaces, position the trap parallel to and against a wall. Check the trap at regular intervals frequently.

How often can one use the trap?

The SuperCat traps are quite sturdy very robust and can be used many times.

Is the bait toxic?

No, the bait is a natural food based product containing no poisons and is safe around children and pets.

Can the bait be replaced?

Yes, we offer replacement bait assemblies which can extend the life of the trap after all of the bait material has disappeared.

What about children and pets around traps?

The Catch Alive Mouse mouse trap is quite completely safe around children and pets.

What about protected animals?

The smell of the lure bait can also attract other animal species. Use the trap carefully to avoid the risk of damage to harming protected species.


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Refill - so easy
  1. Take the protective cover off the bait.
  2. Push the bait into the grooves of the trap.