Insect Destoyer 24W LED

Insect killer protects rooms up to 80m²

  1. Ultraviolet LED light attracts flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects effectively into a high-voltage grid in which they are immediately killed.
  2. Easy to clean! The dead insects are collected in a removable bottom tray. This can be easily removed and cleaned.
  3. Neither the ultraviolet LED light nor the high voltage grid pose a threat to humans or pets.
  4. Save energy with LED! In contrast to a fluorescent lamp, LED has a much longer service life as well as using only half the energy consumption to provide the same amount of power.
  5. The new design for the high-voltage grid has additionally increased the efficiency of the system and ensures that all CE safety requirements are complied with.

Simple application

  1. For best results, hang or stand the device opposite a window at a height of at least 2 metres where children and pets cannot reach it, plug it into a normal household electric socket and keep it running continuously day and night 24/7
  2. For maximum effectiveness the device should be cleaned every week.
  3. Use a the brush provided to dislodge dead insects from the high voltage metal grid: take care not to bend the grid wires and avoid them touching one another. If neccessary, the LED lamp can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth and the help of the brush provided.
  4. If the device becomes very congested with dead insects, it will  need to be cleaned more often than once a week.
  5. Pull out the dead insect collection tray from the bottom to empty and clean it.

IMPORTANT: Never let the appliance come into contact with water. ALWAYS UNPLUG THE DEVICE BEFORE CLEANING.


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