Insect Catcher 15W LED

Insect trap with fan and LED light

The ultraviolet LED light of the 15W LED Insect Catcher attracts mosquitoes and flies into the strong current of air generated by the powerful fan which sucks them into a collection container where they dry up and die. The container can easily be removed and emptied so that hygienic disposal is guaranteed.

No poison, no chemicals, no danger! Safe for use in the home, in bars, cafés and restaurants and around people and pets. By not using poisons or toxic bait, safe and environmentally friendly use can be guaranteed.

Advantages of the 15W Insect Catcher:

  • Long-lasting, energy-saving LED lamp for continuous performance
  • Fan for strong air stream which desiccates trapped insects
  • Coverage: 80 sqm
  • Hygienic and clean thanks to the collection container for dead insects
  • Collection container can easily be removed and emptied



Environmentally friendly solution with no pesticides

If insects are controlled with chemical pesticides, they can over time develop immunity and the effectiveness of the poisons used diminishes. It is therefore advisable to stop using chemicals for sustainable insect control. The 15W LED insect catcher is a suitable alternative. The ultraviolet LED light that it emits reliably attracts flies and insects without having a detrimental effect on the environment.
The killing process using the fan is innovative and has absolutely proven itself. The insects fly towards the ultraviolet light and are caught in an air stream from which they cannot escape and which kills them by dehydrating them. The dead insects then fall into a container that can be freely removed and easily emptied.


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