Rechargeable Insect destroyer 4W LED

Mobile insect destroyer with battery

  • Best suited in rooms up to 20 m².
  • The highly functional lithium-ion battery makes this insect destroyer ideally suited for mobile use, such as camping, fishing, etc.
  • The device attracts flying insects, such as mosquitoes and flies, with the help of an ultraviolet LED light and kills them in a high voltage grid.
  • The dead insects are collected in a removable container (bottom tray). This is easy to clean and can be easily removed and emptied.
  • It is not harmful to humans or pets! Neither the ultraviolet LED nor the high-voltage grid are dangerous.
  • Less power consumption and longer service life! Unlike fluorescent lamps, our LED light requires only half as much energy to give the same power.
  • The optimised design of the high-voltage grid makes the insect destroyer even more efficient at trapping insects and it meets all CE safety requirements.

Simple instructions

  1. Hang or mount the appliance where children and pets cannot reach it. Connect to the appropriate mains electrical supply with the plug provided. The destroyer is supplied with a built-in rechargeable lead acid battery and a separate charger.
  2. To charge the batteries, plug the charger into an appropriate electrical supply and connect the cable to the destroyer. The battery will charge fully in about 8 hours.
  3. Your Insect Destroyer should be cleaned weekly (more often if there are high levels of insects present). Use the brush provided to clean dead insects from the metal grid. Slide the dead insect collection tray out of the base to empty and clean it.

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