Insect Destoyer 10W LED

Effective insect killer for rooms up to 40m²

  • The emitted ultraviolet LED light attracts insects such as mosquitoes and flies onto a high-voltage electric grid which kills them instantly. 
  • Simple and hygienic cleaning: the dead insects fall into a collection tray in the base, which is easy to remove, empty and clean. 
  • Both the electric grid and the ultraviolet light are harmless to humans and pets.
  • Compared with a fluorescent lamp, an LED uses half the power (watts) to produce the same light output (lumens) and has a muchlonger life.
  • The high-voltage grid is a new advanced design that significantly increases the catching efficiency and ensures that the device complies with all CE safety standards.

Simple application

  1. Optimal positioning for perfect results: The unit should be suspended at a height of approx. 2 metres, opposite the window. This also prevents children or pets reaching it.
  2. Easy to connect! The insect destroyer can be easily be connected to any standard electrical outlet.
  3. To maintain the highest possible efficiency, it is recommended to clean the unit every week. The device should be cleaned more often if it has been used extensively and a lot of insects have been trapped. 
  4. A brush is included with which the high voltage grid can be cleared of dead mosquitoes and flies. Take care when doing this not to bend the wires or let them touch each other.
  5. If the LED tube is heavily soiled, it must be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth and the brush. During cleaning, care must be taken to ensure the wires of the high-voltage grating do get bent or touch each other.
  6. Simply pull the bottom tray out of the holder and empty it. 

WARNING: The insect destroyer should not come into contact with water. Before cleaning, the appliance must be switched off and unplugged.


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