Insect Destroyer 3W LED

Protection against flies and mosquitoes for indoors

The Insect Destroyer 3W LED offers the following advantages: 

  • Its powerful LED ultraviolet light attracts flying insects, such as house flies and mosquitoes.
  • The high-voltage electric grid destroys them in an instant.
  • The easy-to-empty removable tray in its base collects the dead insects and makes cleaning quick and easy.
  • Both the electric grid and the ultraviolet light are harmless to humans and pets.
  • Compared with a fluorescent lamp, an LED uses half the power (watts) to produce the same light output (lumens) and has a much longer life.
  • The high-voltage grid is a new advanced design that significantly increases the catching efficiency and ensures that the device complies with all CE safety standards.

Electric insect destroyer with LED light

This Insect Destroyer gets rid of flies and mosquitoes quickly, is easily cleaned and, thanks to its energy-saving LEDlight, uses very little power. Conventional insect traps are often maintenance-intensive because they require frequent replacement of their light source (usually fluorescent tubes).

Another advantage of the Electric Insect Destroyer is that it does not employ poison or chemicals and does not, therefore, pollute the indoor atmosphere of the house. The LED Insect Destroyer emits ultraviolet light to attract flying insects onto the high voltage grid which kills them instantly.

Simple instructions

  1. Hang or stand the appliance at a height where children and pets cannot reach it (at least 2 metres is recommended).
  2. Plug it into any normal household electric socket.
  3. For maximum effectiveness the device should be cleaned every week.
  4. Use a soft brush to dislodge dead insects from the high voltage metal grid, taking care not to bend the grid wires.
  5. If neccessary, the LED lamp can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth and the help of a brush. If the device becomes very congested with dead insects, it will  need to be cleaned more often than once a week.
  6. Pull out the dead insect collection tray in the base to empty and clean it.

IMPORTANT: Never let the appliance come into contact with water. ALWAYS SWITCH OFF AND UNPLUG THE DEVICE BEFORE CLEANING.

Effective mosquito control with high voltage grid

Make sure that all the rooms in your home are free from annoying house flies and stinging mosquitoes with the SWISSINNO LED Electric Insect Destroyer.

With years of technical experience, SWISSINNO has developed this device to speedily attract flying insects and kill them efficiently providing continuous 24/7 protection from unwelcome infestation.


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