Insect Mini Destroyer 3W LED

Fly and mosquito control for indoors

Features of the Insect Mini Destroyer 3W LED at a glance: 

  • The ultraviolet LED light attracts flying insects (flies and mosquitoes) into the high voltage grid and kills them immediately.
  • The high-voltage grid and ultraviolet light is harmless to humans and pets.
  • Compared to a fluorescent lamp, an LED uses half of the power (watts) to produce the same light output (lumens) and has a much longer service life.
  • The high-voltage grid is a new design that significantly increases the trap efficiency and meets all CE safety requirements.
  • Ideal for baby's room, bedroom or living room.

Electric insect killer without poison or chemicals

The LED Insect Mini Destroyer eliminates flying insects, including house flies and mosquitoes, without using bait or poison. An ultraviolet LED light attracts the flying insects onto a high voltage electric grid where they are killed instantly.

This eliminates the need to buy replacement bait or chemical substances for killing insects, saving you time and money.

In the summer especially, troublesome flies and mosquitoes get into your home and are difficult to get rid of. Don't waste time hunting them down yourself; the innovative SWISSINNO Insect Mini Destroyer LED successfully removes them for you and and requires no help from you to do it.

Simple application

  1. Connect the Destroyer to any normal household electric socket.
  2. Shake the device to empty out any dead insects.
  3. For maximum effectiveness the device should be cleaned every week. Use a brush to dislodge dead insects from the high voltage metal grid. If necessary, the LED lamps can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth and the help of a brush.
  4. If the device becomes very congested with dead insects, it will  need to be cleaned more often than once a week.

Never let the device come into contact with water.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before cleaning it, always switch the device off and unplug it.

Economical, hygienic and energy saving

Our exceptional technical expertise developed over many years of experience in pest control has enabled us to create a low-cost but effective alternative to the many insect traps that are cumbersome, uneconomical and unhygienic.The LED Mini Insect Destroyer is lightning fast in operation, uses very little power and can be cleaned easily and thoroughly.

Flying insects find the LED light irresistible and the high-voltage electrical grid kills them instantly thus achieving their permanent elimination.


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