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Maulwurffalle SuperCat

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Robert 21-05-19 08:46
After weeks of trying to catch a mole in our garden, with no success, your Supercat trap caught it the first time we set it! Excellent device, thank you!
Ugis 21-04-17 20:37
Swissinno mole traps are really good. in first tests we got 3 moles in 1 week. We are selling differnet mole traps for years, these are most simple to set up.
Inga 08-10-15 11:28
In Exibition “Spoga gafa 2015” in Germany we bought from you 2 mole traps and now we are very happy!
Throughout the summer I tried to catch moles but it was unsuccessful but during the last week with your trap I caught three! Thank you very much! I hope to see Swissinno solutions products in Latvia soon! Good luck in your bussines!
Best regards