Fensterfalle für Fliegen Stimmungsbild

Fensterfalle für Fliegen

Sauber und diskret

S. 19-01-15 12:10
"We live on a diary farm and flies are a constant problem. I don´t like to use poisons or sprays in the house around the children. The Swissinno window fly trap is the ideal solution. Thank You Swissinno!"
S. 19-01-15 12:09
The Swissinno window trap has really worked well. I have been amazed at how many flies and other flying insects seem to end up in the trap. These traps are doing a wonderful job at helping to keep my house clean and bug free."
D. 19-01-15 12:08
“From the bedroom, to the kitchen, to the garage, these new traps have done a great job at keeping the flies under control. They are also very discrete. Visitors do not notice them and when they are asked, they cannot even guess their purpose."