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Slug Trap

Pesticide free and environmentally friendly

The Natural Control Secret

Slug Trap packaging
  • Protects house and terraces from slugs and slug slime.
  • Partially buried in the garden, it attracts slugs from far and wide into a watery grave.
  • Supplied complete with a portion of a specially formulated bait that is irresistible to slugs.
  • Bait is mixed with water in the trap and attracts slugs into the trap where they fall into the water and drown.

Control slugs environmental friendly and poison free

The snail trap from SWISSINNO allows you to combat snails effectively without the use of chemicals or poison. Once the trap has been prepared, it attracts snails with a natural bait and drowns them in the water. 

While conventional toxins are also dangerous to children and pets, our snail trap is completely harmless. This also applies to the bait, which is produced naturally and is very attractive to the snails.

Simple instructions

Slug Trap instruction picture 1
Slug Trap instruction picture 2
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  1. Open the NATURAL CONTROL bait packet and pour into trap.
  2. Add water to fill line and swirl to mix.
  3. Place traps around the edges of gardens. Bury traps deep enough so that the bottom of the entrance hole is even with the top of the soil.

Clean and replace bait when full or at least every 3 - 4 weeks (sooner in hot summer temperatures). Use more traps for better results.

Proven and highly efficient trap

All our products are intensively tested and constantly improved, giving a result loved by private users and pest control professionals alike. Our snail trap is also well thought out and achieves the desired results quickly and economically.

Gone are the days of snail pests in the garden and especially in vegetable patches! Use several snail traps to completely protect large areas reliably. Snail control has never been so simple and efficient.