Vole Trap

Vole Trap SuperCat

Safe, Effective & Easy to use!

The guaranteed solution!


Our vole trap has many outstanding advantages:

  • Simple single-action sets the trap in seconds: pull the handle out to its limit and the trap is set. Supersedes the complicated spring arrangements that are found in other traps.
  • Requires no great strength to operate, unlike other traps which need above-average strength to stretch their springs. Fits neatly into a 6-cm diameter hole; it does not need the extensive excavations that other traps require.
  • Gives a clear above-ground visual signal when the trap has been activated: the handle drops back into the trap.
  • Other traps require digging up to reveal whether they have made a catch.
  • Catches voles and fieldmice in both directions.
  • Not hazardous to users and pets.

Fight voles without bait

When set up for action, the SuperCat vole trap integrates into the vole's tunnel network and needs no lure to be effective. There is a sensitive trigger in the trap and when the vole nudges it, the trap slams shut with great force and kills the vole instantly with a powerful blow.

It is very easy to introduce the trap into the tunnel system and there it will trap voles in both directions. It is efficient, effective, safe and environmentally friendly.

Simple application


1.    A vole trap accessory set is available separately and comprises a tunnel locating probe and a 6 cm hole cutter.

2.    To find a tunnel work along a line between two earth-mounds and/or visible tunnel openings as it is likely that a connecting tunnel is there. Push the probe into the ground in many spots and when the probe suddenly slips into the ground very easily you will have located a tunnel. Ideally, the trap should be positioned where the tunnel is straight and level. So check whether your located spot is ideal by probing ahead of it and behind it akong the like of the connecting tunnel.

3.    Using the 6 cm hole cutter with a twisting action, cut a neat vertical hole down into the tunnel plus an extra 2 cm down into the floor of the tunnel. Carefully lift out any loose soil from the tunnel, or push it flat into the tunnel floor.

4.    Insert the trap into the hole and carefully pull the sprung handle up as far as it will go. It will lock in this position. Make sure the trap openings run in the same direction as the tunnel.

5.    Scatter loose leaves or grass round the trap to block out draughts and light. The trap is now set up for action. Check the trap next day at the latest. You will often make a catch in only a few hours.

Accessory set (tunnel location probe and hole digger) are separately available.

Guaranteed solution for voles in the garden

Voles can be found in many gardens, parks, meadows, fields and farmlands where they dig extensive, disruptive burrows and eat valuable vegetables and food crops. Our SuperCat vole trap helps bring such plagues to a quick and complete end.

Swissinno employs its many years of experience in pest control to produce the most efficient and effective traps. One such is the SuperCat vole trap, which is  designed perfectly for its purpose and function.