Mousetrap SuperCat

Europe’s No.1 best-selling Mouse Trap!

The fastest mousetrap - prebaited and ready to use!

Moustrap packaging

An overview of all advantages of the SuperCat Mousetrap:

  • Baited ready to use: the bait is a natural non-toxic product and is highly attractive to mice and rats.
  • Extraordinarily high catch rates: thousands of consumers tell of huge numbers caught in very short times.
  • Swiss designs, with powerful spring mechanisms.
  • Hygienic no-touch disposal of dead rodent.
  • The Mousetrap is child-safe - the snap-shut jaws will kill mice, but not harm children, or pets.
  • For use indoors and outdoors.
  • Ideal for domestic and commercial use -for factories, offices, farms, orchards and plantations.
  • Replacement baits available.

Catch Mice efficiently with natural bait

Conventional mouse traps often require poison, do not catch cleanly and are very unhygienic. The trapped rodents must be touched for removal and the whole process is cumbersome and disgusting. Not any more!

Our intensive product development, has made it possible for use at Swissinno to construct a mousetrap, which contains a natural, poison-free and highly effective bait and a clean, powerful strike mechanism. Dead mice can be removed easily without contact and thus disposed of hygienically.

Simple instructions

Moustrap instruction picture 1
Mousetrap instruction picture 2
Mousetrap instruction picture 3
  1. Push the lever down and remove the protective cap from the bait. SuperCat is now ready for use.
  2. Place the trap where you suspect there are mice. Set the open side facing the wall, as mice seldom cross open areas. Check the trap at regular intervals.
  3. Depress the lever to remove the dead mouse simply and quickly without having to touch it. Now, SuperCat is ready to use again.