Lebensmittel-Mottenfalle Stimmungsbild

Food Moth Trap

Monitor Trap!

The practical solution!

Food Moth Trap packaging
  • Provides early detection of food moth infestations.
  • Ready baited with sexually alluring pheromones, which attract male moths into the traps where they stick to the adhesive inner surfaces and die. Moths can enter the trap from all four sides.
  • Compact and space-saving.
  • Ready for use straight from the pack: no assembly required.
  • With self-adhesive fixing pads.

Simple instructions

Food Moth Trap instruction picture

The NATURAL CONTROL food moth trap is ready for use straight from the pack and no assembly is required. Peel the protective foil from the self-adhesive fixing pad and stick the trap vertically or horizontally in a kitchen cupboard or in a storage room.