Lebensmittel-Mottenfalle Stimmungsbild

Clothes Moth Trap

Monitor Trap!

The practical solution!

Clothes Moth Trap packaging
  • Provides early detection of clothes moth infestations.
  • The sexually alluring pheromones attract male moths into the traps where they stick to the adhesive surfaces.
  • Moths can enter from all four sides.
  • Ready for use straight from the pack: no assembly required.
  • Compact and space-saving.
  • With self-adhesive fixing pads

Simple instructions

Clothes Moth Trap instuction picture

Remove the trap from the protective plastic. The odour-free pheromone is then released and attracts moths. Attach the trap horizontally, or using the glue strips on the back, to an upright surface, for example, in a wardrobe.