Fly Trap outdoor

The guaranteed solution!

The Natural Control Secret

  • For use anywhere outdoors - gardens, patios, decks, yards, children’s play areas and waste refuse and recycling sites.
  • Supplied complete with a portion of specially formulated bait that is irresistible to all fl ying-insect pests.
  • The bait is mixed with water in the trap and attracts fl ies into the trap where they drown in the water.
  • Designed to be hung from trees, fences or stakes (wire tie included); may also be placed on the ground.

Simple instructions

Fly Trap outdoor instruction picture 1
Fly Trap outdoor instruction picture 2
Fly Trap outdoor instruction picture 3
  1. Open Natural Control bait packet and pour into trap.
  2. Add 1/2 cup water to the fill line and swirl to mix. The bait generates attractants for most common flies.
  3. Place trap in secure location at ground level or hang it from a tree with twist wire provided in a calm sunny location about 5-10m from the area you wish to protect.

As trap fills, add water to keep flies submerged. Wash and replace bait when the trap is full or at least every 3 weeks. Flies are dormant until temperatures reach 18C (64F). For better protection, place multiple traps around perimeter of house, 3-10m from building.

NATURAL CONTROL replacement baits are available.