Vogelschutz-Aufkleber Stimmungsbild

Anti-Collision Bird Stickers

Effective Bird Control!

Maintenance-free and long-term bird protection

Bird Repeller-Raven packaging

The self-adhesive film, for indoor and outdoor use, offers the following advantages: 

  • Easy to install! Remove the foil and stick the sticker directly to the window pane.
  • Efficient deterrent against birds without the use of poison or electricity.
  • Long lasting and no maintenance required.
  • Different sizes of bird protection stickers for individual us

Protect windows and birds with simple stickers!

Every year numerous birds die because they cannot recognise glass panes as an obstacle and fly into them at full speed. This is both tragic for the birds, as well as harmful for the panes in which scratches or small holes are often left behind. 

With our bird protection stickers, these situations can be effectively prevented. This makes it possible to contribute to the protection of animals in a simple and convenient way and at the same time to protect your own windows and glass surfaces.

Since glass is not only invisible but also reflective, it is particularly dangerous for birds. The outlines on the stickers effectively scare the birds away and keep them away from windowpanes.